Wednesday, May 29, 2013

new addition // firmoo review

Since I started school this past year in California, I found that I reached for my sunglasses way more than I had in Washington. What can I say, Washington... California is just about 97% sunnier than you. Anyway, that being said, when Firmoo, an online eyeglasses store, gave me the opportunity to try out a pair of glasses, I couldn't say no. After checking out all the different frames, I opted for this pair. And you know what's even better than sunglasses themselves? An opportunity to get your first pair free! Right now, Firmoo has a "first pair free" program that you can use to, well...get your first pair of glasses from them for free. (The name kind of says it all....)

Because I don't wear glasses, when I was choosing my frames I went for the sunglasses route, which uses the glasses frame with tinted lenses instead of a prescription. When I was in the process of choosing the frame and the tint, Firmoo was beyond helpful. Basically, besides the fact that these glasses gave me the opportunity to take semi-awkward smirking pictures, it was a chance to test out some quality sunglasses from a company that really worked hard to ensure I was able to order what I needed and answer (promptly!) any questions I had about the product. Although the tints were a bit confusing to figure out for me, the only true negative about this entire experience is that I'm still not sure if the frame I chose works with my facial shape.... but either way, the frame was of my own choosing, and I'm starting to think they're growing on me.

In a good way, not a bad, "it's going moldy" kinda way...if that's a thing. 

// Bottom line: Quality glasses, quality customer service, and a quality first pair free program. What more could you ask for? 

// These glasses were provided to me for review by Firmoo, all opinions are my own.