Sunday, July 21, 2013

my halo is just a day old top knot

Shorts: Forever 21 // Top: JC Penney // Shoes: Vans // Watch: Target // Day old hairdo: Priceless

In case you were fooled by that golden ring around my head, I'm not an angel. Hard to believe, I know. Basically the dealio is that if I have a good top knot, why waste it on only one day?! Yes, I wear those top knots for as long as they'll go. Is that weird? Anywhoo. To be honest, I wore this outfit for about two seconds before I melted into a sweaty mess and went to work. Because really, as much as I wish I could wear those shorts to my job, I think there's a dress code rule against your bumski being close to exposure if ya know what I mean. Stay classy!