Saturday, July 6, 2013

my spirit animal is a seal

// me, my younger sister, and my older sister
so functional.
// a seal must be my spirit animal
they sleep and eat and lay on the beach
I approve

Let me tell you, folks, the aloha spirit is alive and well in Hawaii and I was lucky enough to get to spend time there with my family, celebrating my parents anniversary (25, hollaaaa) and a bunch of other happy moments. Wondering why I haven't been posting as much? Read on for an update.

Can I just take two seconds to say wowza? Ok, now that I have that out of the way... the past two months have been so different and gone by so fast and been really hard and been really, really great. Here's the dealio: I'm working in a small town of 200 people (but the tourists have arrived so it's busy now) away from home. I have family here, so I'm not "alone" but it certainly has been a weird experience. My friends are not here, my immediate family is not here, and I started working a new job. Speaking of the job, while there is no uniform, I still have to cater my fashion towards clothing that I don't mind getting spilled on or dirty (aka none of my clothing because I don't want anything spilled on, ya feel me?!) as well as being appropriate for customer service. I love my job for what it is (a summer job), I love the beautiful place I live in, but nonetheless it is change and I have never done well with change that wasn't on my terms...except in a way this was on my terms but that's beside the point.

What does all this rambling bring me to? This. This space, this blog, this community. Honestly, I am sad that I don't have/devote enough time to fully grow into the blog and the people it has connected me with. That said, though, I refuse to let it go. But I want this blog to be real and I want to be real with you. Posts may not be regularly scheduled, or that often, or even always related to fashion (duh, look at this post) but I just love this too much to give it up.

So if you've read this far (wow, A+ to you for that) thank you for sticking with me, for appreciating this for what it is, whether it sticks strictly to fashion or not. (And as a side note, I have not abandoned fashion posts. I am, though, in a different season which often dictates the content).

Much love to every single one of you, and happy summer!