Saturday, August 3, 2013

thoughts on ballet

Skirt: Forever 21 // Tank Top: Target // Sandals: Target

It wasn't until these photos had been taken that I realized this outfit made me look like I should don some slippers and leap gracefully across some stage with blinding spotlights. Ah, ballet. To be honest, though I did ballet for about 2.8 seconds (aka 2 years) when I was little, I've never been a fan. All of that leaping gracefully/pointing toes ect ect was lost on me. I was more the "let me run and hit someone with my elbows!" type of kid (hence the soccer). That being said, I think next time I wear this skirt I'll step away from tank tops that look like leotards, just in case. And if you are a dancer: all the respect to you. I personally don't know if I'll ever emotionally recover from the horrors that are home videos of me on stage.