Wednesday, December 25, 2013

snow is not always photogenic

// photos featuring Emma

Greetings from the middle of the forest! Currently, I'm sitting next to the fire checking out at the snowflakes while my leg practically burns off. Probably going to have to move further away from the fireplace soon...But seriously, though, the snow&lights&christmas music&reading has been the perfect amount of relaxing and enjoying time with family and forgetting what day of the week it actually is and not having to wake up to an alarm and not feeling bad about eating cookies at every meal. Well, that actually happens year round in my book, but still. Oh, and as a side note: this blondie is my sister, not me. I just get to make her stand outside in the snow so I can take pictures. She only minds some of the time.

Hope everyone has a beautiful Christmas, much love to you all!