Tuesday, February 11, 2014

venice // photo diary

^^picture with awkward strand of hair in the middle of my forehead? necessary, of course.

Venice Beach, California.

Let's just get this out there:
Venice is weird. It's strange, and "out there" and sometimes it kind of smells.
But it is also full of this energy, full of such diversity...
it's kind of beautiful, and it's kind of the best place ever for people watching.

The past two weekends I went to explore, once with a friend
and once with my visiting Momma (Hi, Mom!).
I've come to the conclusion that:

>Lemonade has, of course, the best Lemonade.
>One day I will live on a canal (dream big, am I right).
>People watching could be a sport. I would be a champ.
>As it says itself, here is good. Here is definitely good.

side note: holy moly my long hair is gone // 
I got it chopped so new year new me?
Or something like that, maybe just less of a cliche.