Wednesday, March 19, 2014

that cool coat thing

coat: nordstrom || flannel: walmart || boots: target

You know that cool thing people do with their coats? You know, the whole "casually wear my coat on my shoulders so I'm not actually wearing it at all" thing? I mean, ideally it looks super classy and fun, but in reality I think it just made me look confused. And also like a box. But I digress. Anyway... ever since I bought this flannel for 7 bucks I'm pretty sure I've worn it at leastttt once a week, and now that I'm back in the northwest for "spring" break I doubt my wear-age will slow down. What can I say, I love a good, soft, giant flannel. Then again, I like any piece of clothing that feels as comfy as pajamas, especially when I'm on break, because while you may think all college students go on break and rage, I actually go on break and sleep/eat/read/maybe leave the house, maybe not. I like to keep it exciting.