Sunday, June 8, 2014


maxi: gift // sweatshirt: hanes // sandals: target

Hot dang, do I have this "posing" thing down or what?! I kid, I kid, but let's just pretend we don't see the awkward "shoulder shrug-grabbing skirt-weird bubble hair" and look at this awesome maxi dress. I've had it since forever but never really knew what to do with it so it basically sat in the back of my closet gathering dust. I rediscovered it after a closet purge, though, and am loving it dressed down with a basic sweatshirt and easy peasy flats. I'm not even sure if color blocking is still "in" anymore (can anyone even keep up) but I actually don't care; despite the fact that I've never been one for huge blocks of color, let alone the primary colors, I can't help but love the blue+yellow+gray combo, trendy or not.