Sunday, June 15, 2014

simple blends

Ah, the green smoothie. To be honest, when I first tried making my own I was utterly disgusted. I was like, who would drink this ON PURPOSE? I would have much rather just shoved a bunch of plain spinach in my face and called it a day. And with that, I was kind of turned off these babies for a while. But then... then I discovered I was merely doing it wrong. Pro tip I learned: blending your greens with the water (or other liquid) before adding in anything else makes it so that you can actually drink the smoothie, as opposed to chewing it. Because that's always pleasant, right? Rightttt. What's awesome is that, just like with any other smoothie, once you get basic proportions of fruit:greens right, you can just go at it with your combinations. Currently, I'm loving having these as a snack before work or as a refreshing afternoon drink. Check it out.

Recipe, 2 servings ||

+ 2 cups spinach (or other leafy greens)
+ 2 cups water
+ 2 bananas
+ 1 cup pineapple
+ 1 cup mango

Directions ||

+ Add the spinach and water to blender; blend until you could no longer chew your smoothie (aka it's like juice)
+ Add the other fruits, in increments depending on blender size/strength, blend until smooth
+ It helps to have some of the fruit pre-frozen so the smoothie is colder/creamier

Super simple, amiright?! Blend away, lovelies.