Thursday, September 4, 2014

pretty little things | decor

Does getting excited about throw pillows, furniture, and decor in general mean you're kind of like an adult or something? Because that's where I'm at. At first I was kind of weirded out by how stoked I was when I saw nice wall canvases or I don't know, side tables… but pieces like this (can I call them sophisticated yet fun?) make nerding out over decorating look fun. Plus, they're perfect for this awkward in-between, not really in a permanent apartment-but still on my own- stage, where I am half """real adult""" (notice use of quotes) and half college student. Items that draw inspiration from ocean colors, natural textures, and geometric shapes (with a Beyonce pillow for good measure) seem, to me, the perfect way to have a place that is grown up without being boring. Or something like that. Let me know how you decorate your place, I'm always looking for inspiration!

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wall print, planter, pillow 1 + 2, geometric lamp, rug, book, gold vase, and mineral wall clock