Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Fall Kit

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Maybe it's because it still feels so opposite of fall, or perhaps because I'm simply tired of bright colors and complex pieces, but I'm definitely drawn to a darker fall color palette this year, with a focus on basic, oversized tops and a touch of light, destroyed denim. Blacks, mustard yellows, more black, maybe a dark red lip… all necessary in my personal fall kit. And while, of course, one's fall wardrobe should not be limited to just a few items, it is these core pieces I feel myself continually returning to thus far (I mean, how perfect is that simple black shift dress?!). Add in the perfect leather backpack, and I probably could survive off these pieces alone for the next three ish months. (If it ever drops below 90 degrees… which it probably won't in which case I'll be stuck in shorts till I die but I digress.)