Thursday, October 30, 2014

backpack, backpack

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Whenever I used to think of backpacks, I usually ended up thinking about the starts of new school years, of elementary school and middle school and finding the perfect backpack that had tons of pockets and a water bottle holder on the side (a must have for any 10 year old, FYI). Now a days, though, I think of backpacks as the perfect sidekick; great for city explorations or a fantastic street style look or hauling all your work from place to place (in a cool, chic, "stylish lady on the go" way, not panicked freshman running to class kind of way). Now that I'm graduating college soon (aka 50 days haha ya…) I find myself liking the idea of a backpack, water bottle holder not necessary, as the perfect blend of stylish and functional, or at least as another option to the tote or purse.