Wednesday, October 15, 2014

the gallery wall

bottom image = my attempt at the gallery wall; 
a work in progress ja feel

One of my favorite things about decorating in a new place has been the chance to create a new gallery wall. Having a wall dedicated to photos, painted canvases, and words not only makes your place feel like it's your own, but a way to inspire yourself and is kind of like the posters you put up in your room when you were 14 but more sophisticated (at least that's what I tell myself…). I spend a lot of time on Pinterest (of course), and one idea that I find so important to remember when creating your gallery wall is to make it work for your space. 

For my room, it made more sense it make it casual and imperfect, with some unframed photos and a layout that wasn't perfectly symmetrical. Some rooms may call for matching frames and a layout that is symmetrical down to the millimeter, and others call for a collection of mismatched frames, colorful canvases, and typographic posters. Plus, as an added bonus, framing something makes it looks about 100x classier, so if you still have a leftover poster from your terrible awesome middle school bedroom, frame it and it will probably look ironic and chic. The beauty of frames, I tell ya.