Sunday, December 28, 2014

green & stripes

sweater: forever 21 // dress: local boutique // boots: target // necklace: forever 21

Two of my favorite things: the color green, and stripes. Oh, and this beanie (see it here and here). Being back in Washington for Christmas finally lets me wear all the things I couldn't the past few months in California, and I am taking FULL advantage of this. Anytime I go out, I find myself pulling on as many layers as possible, and typically top it all off with this hat. After wearing mostly shorts and sandals for the past 8 months (summer, then "winter" in California) it's kind of a sweet relief to pull on something with sleeves and shoes with covered toes. Cheers to change, even if it's just in the weather. (Oh, and I hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas! How is it already almost January?!)