Wednesday, December 3, 2014

winter travel

As I get ready to fly home for Christmas vacation, I keep thinking about the whole process of traveling. Here are some universally understood facts about flying home for Christmas:
  1. It will be awkward when you have to take your belt off before you go through security. 
  2. Just when you think you may have gotten an empty seat next to you on the plane, someone will walk in to claim it. You will resent them for getting your hopes up.
  3. The plane will be stuffy and hot. Then it will be freezing cold. You will likely not reach a comfortable temperature.
  4. You will most likely spend more time waiting (driving to airport, at security, to board, to unload, for your luggage, for your ride) than on the actual plane. Accept this.
  5. The weather at your destination will be 1000% different than the place you left. You will probably be dressed wrong for the weather you're heading in to. 
Let me tell you, airplane travel is uncomfortable enough as is. Wear too tight jeans, spend the entire day regretting your life choices up to this point (obviously). Of course, all this just goes to prompt the question of what this mystical "perfect airplane outfit" really is. What will keep you warm, but not too warm? Comfortable, but not slobby? Stylish, but not impractical? I've come to the conclusion that the answer lies in layers, easy shoes, and simplicity. Take note from street style looks that are perfect for winter travel; keep it simple, keep it cozy (but loose!), and when in doubt add a beanie. Always add a beanie.