Monday, January 26, 2015

Day and Night

7 AM // dress, parka, sweater, lipstick, flats
12 PM // rings, necklace, watch, blazer, heels
7 PM // jacket, purse, oxfords

I think it's safe to say that it's always nice to have an outfit that can adapt throughout the day, whether it's changing from work to a night out, or simply the temperature from morning until evening. These three looks were created featuring the same pale colored polka dot dress to fit three different times during the day, in hopes to inspire you to be able to change up your original look to fit whatever or wherever your day brings you.

1. 7 AM // It's all about easy, long layers that keep you warm and are easy to throw on for the early morning, pre-work coffee run (adding tights would be effortless, too, depending on how cold it is). Simple, comfortable flats are perfect for before work (easier to drive in, ideal for a quick trip to coffee, small enough to store at work) and a bold red lipstick is a confident way to start the day; bonus: it's a great color to compliment the vintage feel of the polka dot dress.

2. 12 PM // Simplicity + classic colors are key for this look; adding in some accessories and shedding a layer or two once inside are good ways to change up the look into office attire. A chic blazer, gold necklace, and camel colored shoes are work appropriate without losing any style appeal. Keeping the red lipstick from before on hand continues to boost up this look, but not much else is needed; sometimes simplicity just works best.

3. 7 PM // Heels? After a full day in them? Probably not. Thankfully, these lovely oxfords are just enough fancy, just enough total comfort to be the perfect shoe for an evening after work. Obviously, this rad leather jacket in Pantone's color of the year is statement enough that the accessories can be kept to a minimum. Just some quick swaps after work and you're ready to go.

Do you change up your outfit during the day? I'd love to know!