Monday, January 19, 2015

time for a comeback

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If we're going to be completely real around here, I have to say: I kind of thought I'd left the turtleneck trend back in 7th grade. Ok, maybe 8th grade (I had a really nice sweater turtleneck alright it was great). After that, though, turtlenecks kind of just left the picture and I haven't really had a second thought about them until recently. As we head into the last few winter months, I'm definitely being drawn toward casual, thick turtleneck sweaters with a variety of styles ranging from "this is basically a giant infinity scarf attached to my shirt" to more fitted, sleeker versions. Whatever your preference between the two, I'd like to think the turtleneck is back for a little while, and if street style is any indicator, I must say: it looks fantastic.