Monday, February 23, 2015

business casual | pt. 2


Ever since I began thinking about inspiring business/casual work looks, I've been on the hunt for pieces that would work well as the starting point for an entire look. Though I still think the term business casual is super vague (like I said, jeans count at my work place, but totally not at other places), I've decided that I kind of like the juxtaposition between super chic, classic pieces and things that are more trendy, with more of a personal touch (because clearly I'm still not over this juxtaposition idea). And because of this, I give you nine business casual items that can so easily be dressed up or down (depending on the office vibes/requirements). And while these items may seem basic on their own, when combined in layers or mixed+matched, they become the perfect base pieces that allow for versatility and your own personal take on business casual... because I am at work far too much to be wearing something boring amiright?!

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