Monday, February 16, 2015

"business casual"

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I've always thought the term business casual is a difficult one to interpret. I mean, "business" and "casual" are generally speaking on opposite sides of the spectrum, and how people define them together seems to vary depending on your company or your profession or even the state you're living in. Because I recently started a "real" job (ha), I've definitely had to do some thinking about my wardrobe and be realistic about what business casual means to me working in a creative field. Though my workplace is prettyyy generous about what counts as business casual (as in, nice jeans are definitely a go here), I have had to cut some of my favorite casual pieces out of my weekday wear. Bye bye, boyfriend jeans, I'll see you on the weekends. Thankfully, the inspiration for business casual type looks is endless, and I'm currently loving chic pencil skirts with low heels, cropped pixie pants with subtle patterns, and wide leg trousers with flowy blouses. But since I'm always looking for more inspiration and ideas, let me know what your work wear looks like!