Thursday, February 19, 2015

unusual mixes

images curated from here

Though lately I've been into more classic, timeless pieces that come together for very sleek outfits, the idea of patterns + pattern mixing has always been something I've wanted to work more into my outfits. Here are some prints and patterns I'm currently loving together:

1  •  Floral and stripes is always a classic print mix; when you have thick stripes paired with a dainty floral pattern, the two prints balance each other out in a perfectly imperfect way. Another way to make this combination work is to focus on colors that compliment each other, too.

2  •  Combining small dots and big dots is one of the easiest ways to pattern mix; the two different prints are in the same family, so dots of mixed sizes allow you to play around with pattern while still keeping it subdued and understated.

3  •  For plaid and stripes, you can let the plaid be the focal print and combine it with a more thin, subtle striped pattern. When you consider both the color of each print as well as it's general size (bold prints, small prints, repeat prints), you can create the most balanced, classiest mixed pattern look (without looking like you got dressed in the dark.)

4  •  Mixing a bold pattern (well I'm obsessed with this pineapple one!) with a semi-bold color is not technically pattern mixing, but I think it works, nonetheless. The key is to compliment without being matchy-matchy (I repeat: find the balance, ya know?!) Are you ladies into pattern mixing at all?