Monday, April 20, 2015

Joshua Tree

I think there's a beauty in being just as comfortable in ratty hiking boots as I am in heels; loving a new workout tank top as much as a crisp new button up. Hiking isn't for everyone, but it is as much a part of me as my love for design and style. Being from Washington (the Evergreen State), I've done a lot of hiking, but most of it involves one or more of the following: the color green, mountains, potentially snow, trees, um, water...

All that said, I had heard Joshua Tree was super rad, but I wasn't quite sure how the desert could be anything beyond mildly intriguing. Yup... I was wrong. There's a strange and awesome beauty about the desert, the emptiness and openness, the quiet (oh what up, no traffic!). Sorry, I'm not cool enough to be in the desert for Coachella, but leaving the city to spend a day in Joshua Tree was a sweet adventure, too.

Do you find yourself totally in love with things that people generally consider opposites? I mean, hiking outfits still count as personal style, right? Right? Sure.