Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Whimsical Side

images curated from here

Maybe it's just California. Maybe it's because it festival season. Maybe it's me becoming tired of typical office wear. Maybe it's the dreamy, whimsical, "I'm an artist so I'll wear whatever I want" side coming out in me. Whatever the reason, I've been inspired lately by these bohemian, almost hippie-like looks that feature bold prints and flowing pants. My first pair of flowy printed pants came into my wardrobe almost two years ago, and while some people definitely don't see the appeal (*cough* I see you staring at my pants, lady *cough*), I've been loving them ever since. If you're unsure, let me persuade you by saying this: they feel like sweatpants, but instead of looking sloppy, they look fabulous. Enough said, ladies.