Saturday, May 2, 2015


Look 1: kimono, jeans, shoes, duffel, necklace 
Look 2: joggers, crop top, scarf, sandals, backpack
Look 3: dress, shirt, shoes, bag, hat

It's been a while since I've done a big summer trip. I mean, between flying between CA and WA every winter, I pretty much have my winter airport outfit down to a science, but summer always seems a little trickier. Since I'm heading out of the country for a month in two weeks (more info on that later), I've already been searching around for some warmer-weather-travel-outfit-inspiration-stuff.

And then I realized I had better create a good outfit because it will be worn for at least 17 hours straight. Kind of gross but hey traveling isn't always glamorous amiright ladies?!  However, you can bet that up until at least, I don't know, hour 8 or something weak like that, I will be rocking my "Oh I'm so comfortable but also so stylish and clearly not a European local but yes, I do wish I was" outfit.  Ok...I digress.