Wednesday, July 8, 2015

half and half

When it comes to my hair, I typically take advantage of the natural wavy texture and go with a "beachy waves/casual/I woke up like this" style (AKA I literally just woke up like this and didn't do anything ya know). Recently, though, I've been drawn to the half up, half down style that gives off an instantly put together vibe, while still being casual, and easy enough for every day. This look quickly became my go-to style as I was traveling, because it kept my hair out of my face, while not forcing an all out pony tail (although let's be honest, that was a staple hairstyle while traveling, too). Whether you choose to rock this half and half style as a pony tail, bun, or even braids, I'm convinced that it's the perfect "do" for the summer months ahead.