Sunday, July 19, 2015

Happy Details

Woah, there is a whole lot of pink going on here. A whole lot of happy, cheerful looking pink, which I  kind of love right now. Let me introduce to you the random little pick-me-ups that make my day a little bit brighter (and apparently, more pink).

a/ sun bum (because fancy schmancy sunscreen is nice and it smells good and how else do I survive summer?!)
b/ my favorite striped shirt
c/ I don't know if Real Simple is for "middle aged women" and I don't care; I'm obsessed. (Oh, and if you're into design, its layout provides a TON of inspiration!)
d/ you can't be a flower child without a floral headband. you just can't.
e/ a pink-y, neutral lip tone is the only color you need this summer, trust me
f/ bright pink nail polish
g/ this herbal tea looks nice, smells nice, and tastes nice. Definitely an instant pick me up!

What little details make your day a little brighter?