Sunday, July 26, 2015

the highlights // amsterdam + more

Today: Amsterdam and Switzerland. 

Besides the fact that I nearly froze over in Amsterdam (is my California showing?? Or is the beanie I'm wearing a dead giveaway...) Amsterdam was one of my favorite places ever. The smallness of the city compared to Paris or London came as such a nice change of pace, I quickly became obsessed with all the crazy bikers, and looking at the canals just never got old. Plus the cute and unique are the canal houses! Oh, and I ate a Dutch pancake here and it changed my life. (On a different food related note: go to Cora's if you're ever in Amsterdam, it is such a lovely little sandwich place; I didn't even take a picture of my food because I devoured it in 2 seconds, it was so delicious).

But seriously, I really had such a rad time in Amsterdam. Between perusing flea markets and the floating flower market and biking through the city, I also had the chance to tour the Anne Frank house. Reading about something is one thing, and actually being there, walking through a physical place, is something else. Kind of surreal, and totally amazing; I highly recommend it.

And Switzerland, man. Switzerland felt like home! It was green and mountainous and filled with fresh air, and I loved the few days I spent there. Granted, the town I was in was... prettyyy quiettt (read: absolutely nothing going on), but I took this as an opportunity to wander around, find some random trails, and spend time alone. A complete 180 from everything on my trip up to this point, and it was perfect.

Read all the Europe recaps here, and I look forward to sharing more of my trip with you lovely people!