Wednesday, July 1, 2015

the highlights // London

Hi! Hey! Hello, friends. After 30 days adventuring through Europe, and a week relaxing up in Washington, I am back in the amazingly brown state of California. As I begin to sift through the photos I took, I figured I would start to intersperse the highlights here in between regular posting. Sound good? Good. First up: London.

I'm pretty sure I was ready to move to London after being there for approx. 7 minutes. Besides the fact that I could easily get to Hogwarts from here (necessary), I fell in love with the beautiful green parks, the intricate details of buildings and the history that accompanied them, the chance to say "tube" anytime I took the underground transportation, and the general vibe of the city. Call it crazy, but sometimes you just know if you can roll with a city or not, and I could definitely roll with London. Oh, and if you ever get the chance to go to Stonehenge, do it! Some people balk at the idea of spending time staring at rocks, but personally, I'll stare at even regular rocks, so if I have the chance to stand out in the rolling countryside and marvel at how massive these things are, and the craziness of how they got there, I'll take it.

All that's left to say is this: London, you're beautiful and I love you. That is all.