Wednesday, August 12, 2015

the highlights // venice + rome

Today: Rome and Italy

The first bit of information I feel necessary to disclose about my time in Italy was that pretty much from the day I entered to the day I left, the only thing I ate for lunch and dinner was pizza, pasta, and gelato. This is not a joke, although it may be slightly cliche. However, I realized I don't mind being a cliche as long as I'm happily chowing down on some of the tastiest food I've ever eaten. Clearly, the whole "food" aspect was an important part of my travels ;)

Much like some other cities, I spent a lot of time here just being. I browsed markets, took in the detail of crazy beautiful architecture, and just tried to flow with the pace of each city, casually observing how life goes on here. Oh, and speaking of observing, I must say: there is some prime people watching here as well. New life goal: be able to achieve the amount of classiness and badass-ness of Italian women who are able to gracefully race through the city traffic on their moped in dresses and HEELS. Goals goals goals.

Looking back, I spent a lot of time in Venice and Rome thinking, and now the one thought coming to mind is only "Let's go back." (And also "I want some pasta" but I digress).

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