Thursday, September 17, 2015

the highlights // barcelona

Today's City: Barcelona

Let me tell you this: if you go to Barcelona and only do one thing, it has to be seeing the inside of La Sagrada Familia. Seriously. It is worth the time/effort/money to see it. Clearly, it takes "pretty church" to an extreme new level, with the vivid colors and intricate  (for real, super intricate) details. Like I said, worth every effort to see it.

Park Guell was another favorite, for obvious architectural reasons but also... let's not pretend like we don't all know the Cheetah Girls strutted around here (like they meant it) for their movie a while back. So there's that. Between stuffing my face with fresh fruits and veggies at La Boqueria (probably good for me after a week of that pizza/pasta business, oops) and taking the days slow by wandering through different streets and plazas, my time in Barcelona felt perfectly simple and easy. What I wouldn't do to be within walking distance of a market like that, now!

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