Wednesday, September 30, 2015

weekend feels

Photos collected from my last few weekends; hooray for being back in green, green Washington!

Truth be told, I've been feeling pretty absent from this space. Between the transitions of moving home and starting two new jobs and spending most of my free time rocking my hiking boots and backpack (and taking creeper shots of my hiking pals, I guess haha), I haven't quite found the time or energy (or worn a half-inspired outfit) to create something worthwhile.

I thought about glossing it over and/or not mentioning it, but slumps are a part of life so I may as well keep it real. It's hard (and maybe near impossible?!) to feel inspired 24/7, and that's something that's difficult to admit because what it translates to is less brainstorming/posting/outfit photos/etc. As September ends, I'm hoping to find a bit more balance in October, and be back at "it" with more style + inspiration and (maybe) less random life updates.
My bad, ya'll.

This community is something I truly love and appreciate, so (though I probs could take down the drama a bit because everyone has those times) I thank you for being you + hope you'll stick with me through the slump. Yay for new months and positivity.