Monday, November 16, 2015

Of Note

It's November, I'm cruising through the week (just kidding, it's only Monday), and this is my attempt to corral bits of style I've been loving recently into a semi-cohesive thought.

Camel Colored Coats
I love how this light colored neutral seems to balance out the darker colors + deep hues typical of this fall season. Camel colored coats (say that 3x fast) are classic without being boring, chic without the risk of ever being out of style, and very, very versatile. So yes, you could say camel colored coats are basically the Goldilocks of coats.

Over the Knee Boots
Not actually owning a pair of over the knee boots has yet to stop me from admiring all the rad outfits I keep seeing that are totally rocking the style. Though I have yet to decide how they'd fit in with pieces I currently own, I can't help but love the idea of a great pair of statement boots. How about you? If you have over the knee boots, what's your favorite way to wear them?

Pieces to Layer
I've always loved shift dresses, and now that the colder weather is hitting, I'm excited to experiment with layering, a) to make it "work-appropriate", and b) just to, you know, stay warm (read: discover how many additional pieces I can wear with this dress without looking like a snowman). This one from Madewell caught my eye, and it seems like the perfect base for a wonderfully layered outfit.

Blanket Scarves
If the name alone isn't enough to make this accessory sound appealing, I don't know what will. Giant plaid scarves always seem like the quintessential accessory for fall/winter - serving to actually keep you warm, but also as the perfect statement piece. Plus, I'll take any excuse to wear a nice flannel and/or plaid, so that's a bonus too. 

Monochromatic Outfits
Partially due to the season, and partially due to my tastes as of late, I find myself drawn to single-color outfits (particularly all black), where the details come out in the textures and shapes of the outfit, rather than the colors. That being said, I didn't even realize I was loving all-black outfits until I did laundry, and oops, no lights to wash here. Funny how that works. 

What style things caught your eye this week, or so far this month?