Thursday, November 12, 2015

the grid

Has anyone else ever gotten weirdly sad over something fairly mundane? This past weekend I changed out my CA plates for some new WA ones, and it felt kind of like the sad end of an era. A short, short era ( I've only had CA plates for a year and a half), but still, the end nonetheless, and one that of course had to be documented on Instagram. Side note: I'm deeming these short, Instagram-snaps, recap posts "the grid" because, well... it's a grid of photos. Also, it's a nice way to curate the past month or two of non-style related happenings, and bonus: it sounds kind of chic and modern (although not original, I know). So here it is, The Grid.

Question: What images are on your grid this week/month? And what're your thoughts on instagram/photo recap posts like this – interesting or something you'd rather pass on? Let me know, I'd appreciate your thoughts!