Monday, December 28, 2015

shiny pieces

chambray: AE // sweater: Nordstrom  // necklace: Forever 21 // jeans: Target // backpack: the 90's? // boots: Charlotte Ruse

By this point, it's really no secret that I have a penchant for outfits with neutral colors and classic pieces that seem chic in their simplicity. AKA: I wear a lot of basics in the colors black and blue. Sue me, ok. I figure, if you find something that works, and that you love, you stick with it. Speaking of things I love, I've recently been really into wearing this necklace under the collar of basically any shirt possible; it adds just enough shine to an outfit without being overwhelming. Oh, and please take note of that last photo: when it gets super windy, things get weird. A moment of silence for all of the outfit photos that don't make it because the wind came out to play.