Thursday, January 28, 2016

5 Ways to Up Your Layer Game

It's almost February, which means that it's been cold around here for... I don't know, it feels like forever. I started the season pretty pumped up to finally be able to layer again, but after the past few cold, wintery months, I'm feeling slightly less inspired. Because of this, I find myself searching for new layering inspiration, and a fresh take on how to up my layer game without feeling repetitive or, quite frankly, boring. I've found that little changes often create big impact, and look forward to implementing some of these style pairings into my future looks. Bring it on, winter.

ONE | Try leaving your shirt untucked, so it peaks out from the bottom of a sweater or coat layered on top. Subtle, but it adds dimension and detail to your whole look.

TWO | Double up on texture, like this suede jacket and wool coat combination. The pieces, though interesting on their own, create an extra depth to your look when worn together, and bonus: keep you twice as warm.

THREE | Wear a sweater over basically anything. Try throwing a pullover knit on over your favorite maxi dress for a more boho take on layers, or pair it with a sleek pencil skirt for a more classic look.

FOUR | Combine pieces of varying lengths for a more unexpected approach to layering. 

FIVE | Add something around your waist, like a flannel or chambray shirt. If this seems too 90's, it probably is, but I'm diggin' the look anyway. For practical purposes, you always have an extra layer to toss on if you get cold. For style purposes, it ups your layer game. Win, win.

Images curated from here, (+ linked.)