Monday, February 1, 2016

Onto the Second

Sometimes I think February gets a little left out. January seems to be full of inspiration and creativity and fresh starts, and then February hits and everything seems a bit more blah. Not today, my friends.  I'm hoping to bring a much needed boost of motivation to this second month, wherever you need it.

1 | For anyone that works (or blogs, or has a side business) from home: up your motivation here. I think it's most important to find routines that work for YOU, but this has some nice tips.

2 | Maybe I'm late to the game (I've always just rocked the messy bun) but this top knot tutorial is so chic and also maybe the easiest thing of all time. Seriously, try it.

3 | Because it's still cold and gray and wintery, this is pretty necessary: how to look cute in a puffy jacket. This is the type of inspiration we need in February, my friends.

4 | Ah, I just love this article on being engaged and fully present this year. It makes me want to do better at putting things aside to focus on the moment.

5 | In my quest to declutter, I came across this video about things you don't need in your closet. It's straightforward, but sometimes you just need to have someone else telling you what you already know for it to truly register.

6 | It's been said a thousand times, but I still love these little reminders on ways to get better sleep at night. I've been loving my vanilla + lavender candle; so relaxing.