Thursday, March 10, 2016


Here it is: another collection of style related bits and pieces that have caught my eye in the past month or so.

Rust Colored Items
The thought of something in a color called "rust" being appealing sounds contradictory, but bear with me. Though I'm not typically drawn towards orange pieces, since they don't usually look good with my coloring, I still find myself loving the idea of this burnt orange color being a staple for spring. Maybe not a traditional one, but I say, break the mold.

Light Wash Denim
There's just something about light colored denim that screams spring, in a totally carefree way. I'm loving all the different styles available, too. My favorites? A slouchy pair of boyfriend jeans, and of course, the classic skinny.

Simple Outfits
Do I need to say more? Light, basic outfits YES PLEASE.

Button Up Shirts
I've been wearing them to work, on the weekends, pretty much anywhere. Yes, I sound like a broken record with my shirt obsession, but I just love how this white UO button up is classic without feeling stiff or boring.

70's Inspired Looks
The flares, the boots, the colors combinations...spring feels like the perfect time to add little hints of that "flower child" look to your outfits. I don't know about you, but the 70's vibe as a whole feels like a refreshing switch from the heaviness of winter. And I love it.

What styles have you been loving this past month?