Thursday, June 9, 2016

Summer Office

If there's one thing I never really thought about up until recently, it would be this: summer outfits. For work. When it's hot. But also cold (really, really cold) inside. Since it's impossible to look cute when you feel the onset of hypothermia, but also when you're pretty sure you're going to burst into flames, I've done the searching for you and put together three outfits that nail down the summer office looks.

All Neutrals | Dress, vest, watch, tote, heels
The chic neutrals elevate this look from basic to elegant, but when it comes down to it, the outfit is as simple as it gets: beautiful maxi, classic heels and tote, plus an extra layer just in case when the AC just won't quit.

A Statement Piece | Button up, trousers, pulloverbackpack, flats, watch
Printed trousers grab one's interest, while muted layers and accessories are what carry the look. Switch up your regular white shirt for one with a little lace up detail; it's an ode to summer while still being professional and work appropriate. A light, open stitch sweater adds extra texture and detail, without any added heaviness and weight. It's the perfect addition for those "my office is the Arctic" days.

Soft & Subtle | Bomber jacket, blouse, skirt, watch, tote, block heels 
Not only are the colors super soft here; the pieces themselves, like the midi skirt, feel sweet and perfectly understated. Fun details, like the palm print and rad bomber jacket, add just the right amount of sass.

What's your go-to summer office outfit?