Monday, June 20, 2016


I'm pretty sure that when you write a blog, you're supposed to become the "expert" on your desired topic so you can share your magical knowledge with the world. Well that's nice, but I'll just keep it real here and say that I know probably nothing when it comes to weddings (insert every other wedding related event here, too), particularly what to wear to said events.

This summer is one of the first where a large number of close friends, roommates, and those generally in my peer group are getting married. The last wedding I attended was close to 8 years ago (and I was considerably less cool and awesome then), so I'm having quite the adventure trying to think of what to wear to the slew of bridal showers, receptions, and weddings I'll be attending in the next few months. Things I'm taking into consideration? Time of day, wedding location, and yeah, the weather.

Consider this my virtual brainstorm.

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