Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Little Black Dress

While the whole world seems to be flocking towards crisp white pieces right now, I find myself squarely back in the little black dress camp. Generally speaking, white dresses tend to wash me out, and I end up wearing one for about 10 seconds before spilling something (food, probably. It's always food) on it.

Thankfully, little black dresses are called a classic for a reason, and with so many different silhouettes, cuts, and sleeve variations, there's one for every day of the summer, amiright?! But that's also the beauty of this piece. Even if you only have one dress, it's going to be versatile enough for anything. Whether you pair it with white sneakers or strappy sandals, your little black dress will work for you all summer (and year, and lifetime). Long live the LBD!

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